EMC Testing

Anechoic Chambers are perfect rooms for performing EMC tests, especially radiated ones. EMC Anechoic Chambers avoids electromagnetic signals to come inside the chamber, this makes EMC measurements more accurate when compared to testing at open area. Inner walls of EMC anechoic chambers are covered by ferrite tiles and RF absorbers to avoid reflections between the Equipment Under Test (EUT) and the antenna.

Elon Mask in SpaceX EMC Anechoic Chamber

How many types of EMC Anechoic Chambers exist?

Type of EMC anechoic chambers are defined according to applied EMC test standard. The dimensions change according to the standard applied. 9x6x6 meter anechoic chamber would be enough for testing most of the electronic products used in consumer electronics. However, electronic products used in automotive and defense require different sizes. EMC Anechoic Chambers are categorised into two:

  1. Semi Anechoic Chamber (five inner surfaces covered with ferrite tiles or RF absorbers, only bottom surface is covered with metallic plates which is connected to the ground)
  2. Fully Anechoic Chamber (all six inner surfaces covered with ferrite tiles or RF absorbers)

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